Resistance Is Futile




ZENDAD's second studio album.

Recorded at Sundial Studio (Home Of The Stars) 2007.

All tracks Written performed and Produced by Steve Kavanagh.
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Steve Kavanagh:Guitar/Vocals/Programming/Effects/Samples

Remastered Special Edition with two previously unreleased bonus tracks.

Flying Off The Balcony is dedicated to James Forrestal, U.S Secretary of Defence 1947-1949, who did indeed go flying off the balcony after apparently finding out the truth about U.F.O's.

'RESISTANCE IS FUTILE' (Review by Andy Garibaldi)

Actually, it's a rather apt title, because this is addictive stuff. Although what you'll make of my observation that this guy doesn't know whether or not he wants to be Banco De Gaia, Can or Ozrics - he's trying for all three at once - I'm not quite sure. Either way, stick with this review, get the CD and I'm sure you'll become as hooked to the thing as I am (I'm on the third play as I write this.)

A forty two minute instrumental album, it opens with synths and strings to which are added chunky electro-percussive rhythms and then high flying electric guitar soaring overhead, all very melodic and huge sounding depths as it drives forward for five and a half minutes. Then it's into the title track with a more solid but less fast electro-percussive rhythm this time with strong deep bass resonant in there too as the strong rhythms, NASA samples, space synths build only to drop down to cosmic mode, then to rebuild with acres of space synth surrounds into this driving slice of what can best be described as chilled space-rock. 'Shangri-La stars slow and atmospheric then leads into an ambient dub rhythm which gradually takes on more synths, strenghtens the rhythm, adds melodies, the electric guitar enters and suddenly you find yourself in what amounts to an electronic version of Can - and quite stunning it is too. 'Comfort Zone' is a two minute piece of cosmic space synths and samples while 'The Circle Makers' is an absolutely awesome track of space synths combined with rock solid mid paced drum ' n' bass rhythm, the whole effect incredible as the samples and synths leads add the icing on the cake that is totally irresistable.
'The Dreamtime' is chunky rhythmic chill-out in a kind of Salt Tank/Opik vein topped off with some searing Karoli-esque guitar work, another sensational gem. 'Earthlab' is driven by more rolling electro-percussive rhythms as space synths swirl and soar all around, eventually joined by deep throbbing bass, rattling percussive beats, soaring string backdrops as the piece then glides into a passage of cosmic bliss and brief voice samples, segueing into 'Flying Off The Balcony' which opens with more synths fromm deep and outer space before a stunning set of rolling electo-percussive rhythms begins to drive it all ahead, only to be joined by space synth swoops and an almost metallic fuzzed electric guitar riff all combined providing this slice of space-rock electronics that is just jaw dropping in it's effect. This surges ahead to the three minute point before it all dies to a sudden dark cosmic close. 'Wishing Tree' opens with chiming guitar and bongos as the guitar attains an almost Nash The Slash syled melodic quality, with the rhythms not a million miles away either. Then the beats strengthen and the track takes on an almost Morroccan identity with the guitar flying over the rolling addictive rhythmic foundations, resonant bass and electronic undercurrents, simply majestic and emotive to a superb degree. This fades and the final track ' The Gospel According To Reg', one and a half minutes that stars with echoed drums, voice samples and soaring strings as the drums die away to leave a cauldron of cosmic proportions that sees thing out on waves of swooping space synths.

Overall this gets better and better with every play. Well played, assembled and produced, this is one stunning album, and that's no word of a lie.

Andy Garibaldi


released December 30, 2007

Written, Performed and Produced by Steve Kavanagh.



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Track Name: Extraterrestrial
"I have been convinced for quite along time that Extra Terrestrial life existed".
(Edgar Mitchell - Apollo astronaut and the sixth man to walk on the moon)