The Adventures Of Icarus Zendad (Coming Soon)




A new concept album to accompany the book and stage play written by Steve Kavanagh with music performed by Zendad.

"Zendad is a machine, a flying machine, made of bits of stick, string and Papier-mâché. Sometimes it flies when the wind is in the right direction. The young boy built the craft, he is it's pilot, although there is room within for a co-pilot or two. He launches the craft from the top of a cliff, which he runs towards as fast as his legs will carry him in the hope of taking flight. On occasions he has had to abort the landing, returning home with grazed knees and dented pride, but still he persists with his dream of piloting his flying machine towards the heavens. The boy's name is Ignatius Zendad, though his father calls him Icarus. One day he hopes to become an astronaut, but for now, he continues trying to perfect the Zendad flying machine. It may take some time, but Ignatius is a very determined and patient boy.
Some things are worth the wait......."
An extract from 'The Adventures of Icarus Zendad' - Part One
(Copyright 2015)


releases December 21, 2017

Music and lyrics written by Steve Kavanagh and performed by Zendad

Steve Kavanagh: Guitar/Vocals/Drum and Synth Programming
Noah Bodielski: Drums

Plus guests



all rights reserved
Track Name: Ignatius
My name is Ignatious, it means 'the fiery one'
A bit like Icarus who flew into the sun
It's not a name I like but I won't make a fuss
My father and my best friend call me Icarus
I fantasise about the winged hero who
Grew proud adorned with wings and to the highest flew
I know his wings melted and he fell to the sea
But I will turn his dreams into reality
I've had a dream in which a strange voice said to me
Ignatius Icarus Zendad one day you'll be
The one who soars towards the highest destiny
But how will I get there? I'm just a boy, you see ....
Track Name: The Flight Navigators Manual for Small Boys
A Father's shed contains all things a curious boy desires
Tools and string all manner of things, strange gadgets, bits of wire
Enough to build a rocket ship to take me to the stars
A small boys dream, but first I have to go and wash the car.
But then a book fell from a shelf, it was covered in dust
I wiped it clean and I could see the title, but only just
The blueprint for my journey to the sky, the moon, the sun
The Flight Navigator's Manual For Small Boys (Volume 1)
Printed in 1817 before man built the plane
Published by Brock and Rosenthal of London, Drury Lane
I put the book under my shirt and hid it in my room
It was the spark that lit my flame and sowed the seeds of doom
I read the book from page to page, my mind it was obsessed
But dedication like this is needed to be the best
I will absorb this knowledge and then put it to the test
I'll build my winged craft you'll see I'm different from the rest
Track Name: Taking Flight
I closed my eyes and spread my wings and waited for the crash
impacting Earth, the sting of pain, fire smouldering, and ash
But wait, something is happening the wind is in my face
Am I really flying now am I soaring to space?
Upon opening my eyes I saw the Earth beneath me fade
The clouds flew by like candy floss the Gods had freshly made
But in reality I was a tree's height from the ground
Floating like a half built kite spinning round and round
Wait until I tell my friend he never will believe
That all my dreams of taking flight I've finally achieved
I wish I had my camera to capture this moment
When a boy and his space craft took flight before a slow descent
Track Name: A Father's Warning
My son I loved you dearly
I didn't want to go
And leave you and your Mother all alone, I know, I know
Just how much you are hurting
But son I'm hurting too
I hope one day we'll meet again
And we can start anew
But I have come to warn you
To plead with you my son
To take a different path in life
Before your race is run
I'm scared, I see the dangers
The trials that lay ahead
Better to live a normal life
Do something safe instead
I know that deep within you
There burns a passion deep
But see your Mother needs you now
I see the tears she weeps
Ignatius my sweet Icarus
I whisper to your scream
The touch you feel is me, I'm here
Beside you in your dreams.
Track Name: Christ Machine
I got a Christ machine
I got a Christ machine
And it's not what it seems
I got a Christ machine
It's the stuff of dreams ....
Track Name: Icarus Zendad
I am Icarus Zendad, to my praises sing !!
Lucifer himself is jealous of my lovely wings
Pride will come before a fall they say, but I know best
I will fly above them all I'm better than the rest !!
No-one else on Earth will see the wonders I shall see
A man and a flying machine in perfect symmetry
My father warned me of the dangers, I laughed in his face
I am Icarus Zendad the greatest of my race

Look at my face, look at my face.
Just look at my face.

Icarus,oh Icarus,
Now you know my name
I will fly to heavens high
The elements I'll tame
Icarus, sweet Icarus,
My pride it knows no shame
I wear the phoenix wings to fly
A Christ child wrapped in flames
Track Name: Beautiful Doomed Angels
We're all beautiful doomed angels
Track Name: No Turning Back
Well did you think my friend that things would stay the same?
Carry on forever playing the same game
Well the times they change and the people change too
And to yourself you know you must stay true
Rains fall and rivers flow
We can't turn back the clock
Oh,no, no, no
No turning back, No turning back
No turning

I never thought we'd part in such a bitter way
It really hurt me, did you feel the same way?
Time may prove I'm right or may prove I'm wrong
But now it's time to sing a different song
Rains fall and rivers flow
We always hurt the ones we love, you know
No turning back, No turning back
No Turning
Track Name: Star Spangled Windows
When I was a child I noticed that the house across the street seemed to have star spangled windows at night, it was magical to behold, but it was only a trick of the light.
Track Name: The Final Flight
I turn my face towards the sun
Don't look into the light
Through squinted eyes I face my fate
As I head to the heights
All my dreams hang by a thread
My head is getting light
Icarus Zendad embarking on the final flight
I'm nature's abomination
I know this should not be
Mea culpa Jesus Christ
Please take this cup from me
But all my life points to this moment
The sweetest cruellest plight
Icarus Zendad is frightened on the final flight
I cannot see I cannot breathe
I cannot comprehend
Just what the hell I'm doing here
When will this nightmare end
I feel my Father's presence near
He lives within the light
Icarus Zendad is dying on the final flight